Going Inward Wellness

The most rewarding journey is inward.

Going Inward Wellness supports clients on their journey inward toward self actualization and healing. 


About Going Inward Wellness

Going Inward Wellness is a private mental and emotional wellness practice. As a wellness practitioner, I seek to help clients not only process their problems but also, create wellness plans to support long term wellbeing. My orientation is grounded in Person Centered Theory; I draw on cognitive behavior therapies to support clients modify behaviors. This means, I prioritize accepting the whole person as is, and help clients identify patterns in their thinking in order to change harmful behaviors.

I specialize in working with adolescents and adults who are dealing with depression; trauma;  mood regulation; anxiety; life transitions and loss. Going Inward Wellness offers a number of services including, individual therapy, workshops, and professional consultation.



About Shesheena A. Bray, M.S.Ed

Shesheena A. Bray is Boston native who has taken up roots in the City of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection. Shesheena came to Philadelphia to attend Temple University  and fell in love with the rich culture of the city. Shesheena dedicated over a decade to deepening her understanding of her community’s needs and actively working to create sustainable solutions as an educator and social justice advocate. In 2014, Shesheena realized her service to her community was best actualized through her passion, mental health counseling. Honing her focus and training, Shesheena earned her M.S.Ed in mental health counseling from The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education in 2016.  Shesheena is currently a candidate for the Licensed Professional Counselor certification. 






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