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The most rewarding journey is inward.

Going Inward Wellness supports clients on their journey inward toward self actualization and healing. 

I Came I Released I Reset III

Spring is here and there is winter weight to be shaken off. That’s why Adia Imani and I are teaming up to bring back the third installment of I Came I Released I Reset (ICIRIR). We had A LOT of fun in January moving our bodies and getting out of our comfort zones, plus we had much needed time to reflect and go inward.

For the third edition of ICIRIR, we will be focusing on releasing from toxic and broken relationships. Studies have shown that physical pain, like breaking a leg, registers in the same pain centers in the brain like a broken heart. This fact alone should give you pause to think about the weight of relationships in our lives. As social creatures, we need each other, but at times we also need to release from the pain we cause each other. You don’t have to carry that weight, and you don’t have to journey alone. Dance. Stretch. Reflect. Release.

Come release with us on purpose May 18, 2019, 1 PM - 4 PM. This event is open women and femmes of color, 18+;$25. Click here to register.

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Mommy We Need a Routine

Getting yourself going in the morning can be tough, its even harder when you have to get your little ones going as well. Creating a morning routine or ritual can serve as an anchor to a potentially chaotic morning.

Join me at the Sable Collective (3133 N 22 St., 19132) for a grounding workshop on building a meaningful morning practice that prepares you AND your little ones to take on the day.

RSVP via Eventbrite.

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I Came I Released I Reset 2nd Edition

The first I Came I Released I Rest was so good Adia and I had to do it again.

Our bodies store our emotions, especially our more negative emotions. In order to process and release these emotional states it is necessary to engage the body.

Join Going Inward Wellness, LLC and dance choreographer Adia Imani, for an afternoon of movement medicine. Together, we will engage our bodies in movement to release on purpose. Participants will enjoy: dance fitness; meditation; deep stretching; and reflection. 

Start the new year right with other women of color in a safe and loving environment. Whether you are just starting your process, or looking for "that thing" to help you finally let go of that emotional burden, we are ready to meet you where you are at.

Who: POC self identified women; 21+
When: Saturday, January 19, 2019 12 PM - 4 PM
What to bring: All you will need is a water bottle and a light snack! Mats will be provided.


I Think I Am Angry

As much as we might like to try, anger is one of the most difficult emotions to wrangle. That’s why I created a safe grow space for self identified women of color to explore their relationship with anger. Whether or not you think you have an “anger issue,” we can all improve our understanding of anger. This is a free event, childcare provided. Interested in attending?

RSVP here.

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I Came I Released I Reset

Resolving both trauma and stress in the body requires you to engage your body. With that understanding in mind, Adia Imani and I have curated a safe space for women of color to release on purpose through engaging your bodies in dance and movement. This half day event will allow for intentional reflection and meditation in addition to movement. Participants interested in attending should RSVP at via our community venue, Studio 34

So good we had to do it a second time. Location TBA.

So good we had to do it a second time. Location TBA.

Come Catch Your Breath With Me!

I am honored to be one of four mindfulness meditation leaders at Philadelphia's Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). Every Friday at noon, the ICA offers Mindfulness at the Museum, an hour long FREE mindfulness sitting. Whether you have a thriving meditation practice, or you simply want to try meditation for the first time, all are welcome.

I invite you to come catch your breath with me. No special clothes are equipment necessary, simply bring your breath. I hope to see you at the ICA!

You can come catch your breath with me in the following dates:

April 13         May 18         June 8        July 13         August 10

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EVENT: Self Care & Success: Designing A Career With Attention

I am super excited to bring this grow space to mothers of color in Philadelphia. Over the last year, I've been having conversations with different Black women about success and self care. I was taken aback by the number of "successful" women who were depleted, out of balance and out of personal alignment. These conversation gave me pause, I had to question my own ideas of success and where I had sacrificed self care in the name of success. I also started to think about what it takes to successfully balance: motherhood, career, self care and achieve "success." In the end, I found myself with more questions than answers, thus the curation this event.

Mother's interested in attending should RSVP via Eventbrite https://bit.ly/2qaFIHp

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