Going Inward Wellness

The most rewarding journey is inward.

Going Inward Wellness supports clients on their journey inward toward self actualization and healing. 


Going Inward Wellness, LLC supports clients on their journey inward toward self actualization and healing. We help  clients better understand their thoughts, emotions and bodies. 


Why I Decided to Go Inward

I truly believe the most rewarding journey is inward. I started Going Inward Wellness, LLC as a way of rebranding mental health in the African American community. Too often, I found myself and others in my community suffering silently, or worse, out loud. I wanted to do away with the concept that therapy is for “those people over there,” when it is really about individuals finding personal meaning. Through Going Inward Wellness, I offer people the opportunity to “take off their cool” in a safe space; together we work to peel back their  labels, roles, vices, and past hurts so that they may be fully present and seen. I want to remind people they are not alone in what they are feeling, therefore they don't have to journey inward alone. The journey will be different for everyone, but everyone has the capacity to do this work. 

- Shesheena A. Bray, M.S.Ed



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