Going Inward Wellness

The most rewarding journey is inward.

Going Inward Wellness supports clients on their journey inward toward self actualization and healing. 


Going Inward Services

 Going Inward Wellness offers a number of services to best support people where they are at in their journey inward. Services are available for both individuals and groups.  Consider what services best meet your personal and professional needs. For more information, or to book an appointment, please use the website's contact sheet. 


Depression  *  Trauma  *  Grief & Loss  *  Anxiety  *  Emotional Regulation  *  Relational Problems * Life Transitions

Depression * Trauma * Grief & Loss * Anxiety * Emotional Regulation * Relational Problems * Life Transitions


Going Inward Wellness offers individual talk therapy to adolescents and adults. Through discussion, reflection and wellness planning, therapy sessions are used as a time to help individuals make meaning and heal in a safe environment. Clients create therapeutic and wellness goals alongside the therapist. Goals can be adjusted throughout the course of therapy to  better meet the needs of the client. 

An integral part of Going Inward Wellness therapy is wellness planning. Wellness planning takes a holistic look at the client's health, assessing: physical health, nutrition, social relationships, spirituality and more. Through action planning, clients can proactively continue their journey inward, outside the therapy room. 

Therapy sessions last 60 minutes. Fees range from $75 - $90 per hour.  Sessions are held at Studio 34 in West Philadelphia.



Going Inward Wellness offers skill based workshops to both adolescents and adults. Workshops are aimed at deepening one's understanding of themselves  while obtaining skills that support long term growth, healing and development.  Workshop topics include: Stress Management; Breath Work; Anger Management; Understanding Trauma; Supporting Adolescents Through Transition and more.  Customized workshops available upon request. 


Consultation & Professional Development

Going Inward Wellness, LLC offers consultation to  businesses and organizations seeking greater alignment between policy and employee needs. 



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