Going Inward Wellness

The most rewarding journey is inward.

Going Inward Wellness supports clients on their journey inward toward self actualization and healing. 

EVENT: Self Care & Success: Designing A Career With Attention

I am super excited to bring this grow space to mothers of color in Philadelphia. Over the last year, I've been having conversations with different Black women about success and self care. I was taken aback by the number of "successful" women who were depleted, out of balance and out of personal alignment. These conversation gave me pause, I had to question my own ideas of success and where I had sacrificed self care in the name of success. I also started to think about what it takes to successfully balance: motherhood, career, self care and achieve "success." In the end, I found myself with more questions than answers, thus the curation this event.

Mother's interested in attending should RSVP via Eventbrite https://bit.ly/2qaFIHp

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